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Words – Fascism

Posted by publius2point0 on 2010/10/17

Most often, there’s a greater danger of getting lost in semantics than in actually accomplishing when you seek to be particularly specific about what you’re talking about. The person who sits there nitpicking generalizations is more interested in derailing the topic than in engaging in it.

But that said, I’ve noted that there are a few words where I suspect that no one really knows what they mean when they talk about them. At that point, any debate over the topic is pointless. Neither person knows what the other person is even talking about, nor does anyone who is listening in. People agree or disagree based on some vision that they have in their head, which is rooted in nothing whatsoever. Is President Obama a Fascist? Probably not particularly, but the Tea Party almost certainly is. Of the two parties, which is the more Socialist? One could argue that the Republican party is, by some variants of Socialism.


Outside of Anarchism, this is likely the least understood word in use today. To most people, I think it means nothing more than, “What Hitler was.” Ergo, it is bad.

The simple truth is that there are any number of Fascist states still in existence today. Japan is almost certainly an example of a modern, Fascist state, and I’ve had others tell me that Singapore and South Korea are quite similar as well. I would not be surprised to find that modern Russia is as well.

At heart, all that Fascism is, is a heightened idea of “us”. It’s not an economic policy nor political structure so much as a heightened idea of nationalism and/or racism. A Fascist country is generally isolationist, unless it is out conquering other nations. They have a strong belief in their own implicit superiority — and by extension are very demanding of “proper” behavior among their own people. They are not fond of anyone who might be viewed as a foreigner, as they are likely to be the lead culprit in crime and corrupting their youth.

To some extent, this view does enter into the realm of economics. Any industry must, first and foremost, be by and for the nation. If they are doing something which is perceived as vital to demonstrating the nation’s inherent awesomeness, then all governmental obstacles will be merrily lifted away. If, on the other hand, a company or organization makes the nation look bad, they are in massively deep doo doo.

The people in a Fascist nation will be very polite; there will be almost no crime; the trains will run on time; school uniforms will be mandatory; the media will only ever tell you how what the government or industry is doing is impressive; and there will likely be a high rate of suicide, because that’s the proper solution for absolving yourself of failing the nation.

To a large extent, Fascism is simply the form of government that is formed by any Nationalist organization.

But note that none of this requires that everyone take the same wage or otherwise refrain from Capitalist behavior. Japan is, almost certainly, a Capitalist nation. They probably have fewer social nets than the US, and what net they do have is more of the kind where they’ll force you to do manual labor if you can’t find a job of your own.

Where Capitalism does fall to the side somewhat is in that companies don’t work so much for profit as they do for the country’s pride. The mutually antagonistic rivalry between corporations, or even against the government, is much softer. Theoretical competitors are much more likely to join hands and work on shared projects. The government and business are likely to work in collusion to provide whatever is seen as being the most impressive thing that can be done at that moment. And so far as the people are concerned, that’s all well and right.

It takes a bit of finesse to say that issues are complex, that everyone is different, that different organizations are free to work towards whatever ends they wish to. With Fascism, you don’t have to bother with any of that. You can run everything with a gut instinct of what is or isn’t honorable. If an organization is angering everyone, it must be because they’re trying to bring down the nation, not because they have different ideas from you. If a scientist said that he could invent an invisibility shield, and ends up discovering that his method was flawed, the honorable recourse for wasting the nations resources is to end his own life — nevermind that his intentions were fully honest at the start and that he may well have gone on to discover any other number of amazing things.

Is an organization Fascist?

1) Is it nationalistic?
2) Is it isolationist?
3) Does it emphasize gut instinct and honor?
4) Is it subtly racist?

If the answer to those is “yes”, then yes you are looking at a group of Fascists.


2 Responses to “Words – Fascism”

  1. yumiyumi said

    I do not understand why Americans have bias toward monarchism.Your allies are UK and Japan.Both have very long history of monarchs.Monarchism is naturally nationalistic because monarchs existed before the kingdom became nation.Both royal families do not prefer international marriage. Both nations value honor.Both royal families’ skin color is white. They never thought of race.However, they are reliable. Because they cannot betray any ally. It is strange for monarchs to break their words off. Monarchs is something to do with continuity.

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