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Trump is Toast – Coming Soon to a Mueller Near You

Posted by publius2point0 on 2018/02/25

I remember reading a news article a long time ago about the home of a professional thief that the police broke into, on a warrant, while no one was home. They were amused to find post-it notes in the kitchen, from the wife to the husband, with requests like, “Steal some size 14 blue jeans for little Timmy from Eddie Bauer.” And others like, “Conned a dinner at La Fontaine. 7pm, Thursday.” The family didn’t just lie, cheat, and steal in a Hollywood style, where they do a big gig ever few months or years and then lie low, pretending to be honest in the interim. This family, from an examination of their home, literally and truthfully lived their lives in all ways, big and small, by crime.

If you read up on Manafort, it becomes clear that he is just such a person. He cheated on his wife without shame; he stole money from his clients; he had three passports and a cache of cellphones from different countries, registered under different names; and even after being caught by Mueller, he continued to try and cheat and deceive his way out of the predicament.

Unlike most people, I have read works like The Big Con, The Full Facts Book of Cold Reading, and the Bansenshukai, besides the news article mentioned above, so I’m possibly more inclined to recognize that criminality is a way of life for some people and it doesn’t start and stop during work hours. You’re always on the lookout for the next mark and how to best sucker them.

In the case of con-artists in particular, I have seen noted in a couple places, by experts, that they’re all in it because of their gambling habits. They can’t work a regular job and maintain the habit.

Personally, I think that it’s more than that, it’s risk-excitement. They like gambling for the same reason that that enjoy the job; it’s a giant rush to risk everything. That’s exactly how Manafort is often described by those who knew him. He didn’t cheat on his wife or his business partners so much because it afforded him something he couldn’t have had honestly, but because of the rush of getting away with it.

And that’s why it’s not surprising that the criminality is in everything he does. He’s a risk seeker, looking to see what he can get away with.

And so when we look at Trump and all of the varied things that he is accused of – collusion, money laundering, cheating on Melania, groping women just to see if he can get away with it – and we see him using cold reading techniques in his speeches, and we note that he rose to fame in the 80s for overextending his finances in an overly risky manner and causing it to all cave in on itself, and the media reports all of these things; most of us are inclined to think that surely one person can’t be so very criminal! And surely a criminal wouldn’t be so stupid as to run for President. Why, he’d have Federal investigators on him in an instant! Only the world’s largest moron would do that!

(Or, a risk seeking narcissist who believes in his own ability to lie and con his way out of everything.)

The general public see the variety of charges and assumes that it’s unrealistic for all of that to be true of one person, and so they discount it.

I, personally, do not discount it. That is, in some exceptional cases, exactly how some people work. It’s certainly true of Manafort. And Trump and him have been buds for 30 years.

What are the odds that Trump never noticed that everyone he does business with is a big-time criminal?

What were the odds that Trump wouldn’t be under extreme investigation the instant he accepted the mantle of the Presidency?

I suspect that, despite everything to the contrary, he loves watching Mueller close in, and he’s already got plans under way to try and escape the net at the 11th hour.

I hope he’s as much a failure in that as he has been in most of his business ventures.


4 Responses to “Trump is Toast – Coming Soon to a Mueller Near You”

  1. K W said

    Trump did not collude with the Russians.

    Is it possible that members of his team were eager to obtain opposition research? Of course. Is it possible that the Russians feared (or disliked) Hillary enough that they gave money to her opponents: Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Absolutely. Did the Russians significantly swing the election? Not all all. Do countries like China and Russia frequently attempt to meddle in the politics of other countries? Does the US attempt to meddle in the internal politics of other countries? Absolutely. Of course. And, it didn’t start with this election.

    Do you really wish Hillary were President now? Do you think unemployment would be lower? GNP growth higher? What is it you want that Trump isn’t bringing to America?

    FYI: Have you now noticed that Trump’s popularity is climbing and he recently topped 50%?

    I disagree with Trump’s style. But, which is more important: The American economy, or Trump’s style? He does seem to be getting America focused on the right issues, and that means something.

    And, I’m coming around a bit on his tweets. The main stream media is anti-Trump. Imagine you had to read negative articles about yourself in virtually every major publication. At some point you want to tell your story, your way, to your supporters.

    As to him having been a playboy, Americans have a long history of looking the other way on that issue. Look at JFK or Bill Clinton and their conduct IN office. And then ask yourself how much Americans really care about alleged events a decade before becoming President, or if this is anti-Trump forces exploiting the current me-too movement hoping it helps in their war on Trump.

    Bottom line: Is Trump guilty of collusion? I doubt the investigation will be able to establish anything more than that the Trump campaign was aggressively interested in finding dirt on Hillary. If America finds that to be an impeachable offence, I will be surprised. Sadly, I doubt the crimes of her opponent will ever be investigated. I remember reading through the financials of the Clinton Foundation and being shocked. Had she been elected and Mueller investigated her…


      • K W said

        How is that relevant? Hillary received funding from, and was friends with, Harvey Weinstein. And, that doesn’t make her a person who molests women. I don’t know the subject of the dispute between the Trump Hotel in Panama and the Owner’s group. I also don’t know whether it is a Trump owned property or one where the name was licensed. There are not enough facts in the article to know what it is about. It looks a might bit like biased reporting to me (and, amateur reporting). See if you can find an article about the same incident in a more first tier journal that digs deeper into the story and then let’s talk.

        Or, if poorly researched, poorly written, misleading and silly articles about Panama are fair game, I’ll respond with this one:

      • How is it relevant that Trump’s people are shredding documents as part of being kicked out of a building after accusations of money laundering, on a post which is all about Trump and the odds of his being a criminal, you ask?

        I’m pretty sure that the word “Hillary” did not show up anywhere in my post and I’m pretty sure that no matter what happens with Trump, she’s not going to suddenly appear in the White House. At the moment, our options are Pence or Paul Ryan. Personally, I’d hope for Ryan.

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