Reason for a New Age


What you will expect to see here are discussions of politics and tangentially economics. I am not, however, an economist. And more importantly, on anything I ever say I first assume that the great odds are that I am entirely wrong. You should assume this as well. You should assume this about yourself and everything you hear or read anywhere in the world.

Reason is the process of trying to come up with the answer best supported by evidence, regardless of how distasteful or unintuitive it seems. But evidence is transitory. I’m never going to be able to gather all of the evidence in the world, and even if I could that will only be to the limit of what is knowable today. If you don’t make sure that you have made a best effort to gather and analyze factual data, then you’re certain to be wrong. But even having done this due diligence, you should always be prepared for the things that you missed.

Similarly, if you subscribe to a certain idea of politics, you’re wrong. If you think that there is a single, simply stated answer to every problem, then that’s just being silly for all but the rarest of cases.

In the programming world–my profession–there is an idea that some code is “elegant”. Code like this is simple, clear, and does something impressive and yet getting it into this simple form takes a great deal of creativity and often genius. But, elegant code is really only applicable to various small portions of an entire program. The program itself is going to be arcane and convoluted and have various kludges that make it perform as desired but are decidedly not elegant.

Making the rules of the world elegant is a fool’s pursuit.

This blog will do its best to present a rational look at the world of today, how the modern world came into place, and the issues that are currently being discussed in the public realm.


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