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Collusion & Clinton

Posted by publius2point0 on 2018/07/21


Did Trump and his campaign collude with Russia?

  • Campaign manager was a known agent of Russia and we have an email of him asking his Russian contacts if they want him to report back on the status of the candidate.
  • A longtime friend of the candidate and advisor of the campaign, who is known to have been in regular contact with the candidate, seems to have received the opponent’s playbook from the Russians. At the same time, the campaign changed tact on their campaign spending.
  • Foreign adviser to the campaign revealed to the Ambassador of Australia that the campaign had knowledge of Russian hacking before there was any public reporting on the subject.
  • A second foreign adviser to the campaign was also a known Russian agent, and there is some (unreleased) indication that he was sent to Russia at the behest of Paul Manafort (the afore-mentioned campaign manager) to perform negotiations with them on some unknown subject.
  • There is strong indication that $30m was funneled through the NRA to the campaign. It seems likely that this was with the knowledge of Manafort, though we do not currently know this to be the case.
  • The candidate’s son is documented as having worked to receive stolen materials from agents of the Russian government and to have suggested ideal timing for their release.

In short: Yes.

Would Clinton have been a better President?

Of course. What are you, stupid?

Between Tony Soprano or Uncle Junior, vote for Tony.

Clinton is a pro-business, pro-military Republican who runs on a Democratic ticket because, presumably, it was the leaning of her romantic partner and he had the charisma to allow her to achieve the success she desired. As far as criminality goes, she’s good enough at it (if she is) to have never been caught and so is not a risk for blackmail. More likely, she’d be the one doing the blackmailing.

Trump seems to be the worst traits of Hillary and Bill mixed together and put into the mind of an adult toddler with ADHD. He is simply, in all facets, a worse version of the worst aspects of the alternative.

If you voted for Trump over Hillary then, and particularly if you complained about the Clintons being crooks for 30 years, I would suggest that you did not consider your position very deeply and you did the nation a grave injustice through your lack of attention and blindness to reality, in preference of the letter before the name.

Personally, I voted for a former Republican governor and successful business owner with no hint of criminality and a rocking popularity rating in his state.

I did so not because he would win, nor because I wanted him as President, but because my state leans heavily left. There was no need for me to vote for Clinton. Instead, I had the chance to boost the free market, small government Libertarian party in hopes of signalling to the Republican party that it should pull back from religious doctrine as a political strategy. History has shown that to never go well.

If you could not vote for Tony Soprano, then you should have voted with me. And if you are not currently working to correct your mistake in 2016, then you should start doing so.

Don’t vote for criminals.

Don’t vote for morons.

Don’t vote for policy.

Vote for reasonable people who will do the job in a professional manner and preserve the rule of law.


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I think I was wrong

Posted by publius2point0 on 2018/07/20

There’s a game called Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective that I enjoy. In it, you are presented with passages of text that present witness testimony, forensic data, timetables, etc. These are all just clues, and clues that can and do often conflict with one another. The authors do not present the material in a fantastical, completionary way where every question is answered and answered in a consistent and unambiguous way. Instead, it is like real life. People lie. People get stuff wrong. You’re left, regularly, trying to decide which information to trust and how much to trust it. It is very much like trying to solve a real world mystery.

I’ve played over a dozen of the cases that are presented in this series and one thing that I have found is that, when you hit on the right answer, there’s a tangible “click” that happens in your brain. There’s no doubt that you have found the solution. Prior to that point, you may have one or two hypotheses that seem reasonable that maybe explain most of the clues or don’t conflict with too many of them, but unless you get that click, you’ll go into the solution phase and discover that you missed the key aspect of the crime or were completely wrong.

I didn’t write the money laundering hypothesis down in a blog post, despite it being the leading theory by both me and Steve Bannon, for over a year because it simply had never fully clicked into place. It seemed likely –  I mean, if you go through Trump’s properties or planned properties, half of them are undertaken with convicted money launderers and that’s hard to happen into as a sheer coincidence – but accusations of financial misdeeds will buy you a strong push for pro-Russian policy. After that, if everyone spots what is going on or the Senate shoots it down, then you just shrug and say, “Sorry, Russia. I’ve done what I can. Maybe wait and try again in four years.” It doesn’t buy you the complete subservience that Trump has shown. It doesn’t explain Michael Cohen’s abject need to flip on Donald Trump before ever even being charged with anything.

What would, though, is underage prostitutes.

If there’s one thing about Donald Trump, the man don’t do due diligence and he doesn’t care about society’s rules. He’s just as happy to go walking into the changing rooms of Miss Teen USA and look at all the pretty naked girls as he is to walk into the changing rooms of Miss Universe. He’s perfectly happy to stay friends with Jeffrey Epstein for 20 years, even though he knows that the man likes them young, because fundamentally he just don’t care.

I have zero doubt – exactly, zero – that Trump has had sex with underage girls. If there’s grass on the mound, then play ball, as the “locker talk” would go.

And so what I discovered that allowed it to click, is that Moscow and St. Petersburg are famous sex tourist destinations and underage women are extremely common.

I’m not saying here that Trump targets underaged girls. He made clear in his discussion of Jeffrey Epstein that Epstein is the one with that proclivity. I’m just saying that he’s not the sort to care if he’s in the mood, should the girl look a bit young.

Like I said, I have zero doubt that he has done it. But I’d give a 1% chance that Russia doesn’t have video tape of him doing it. He’s been travelling to Russia since the late 80s, with probably a half dozen visits at minimum. Keith Schiller is on record saying that the Russians would just send prostitutes to his hotel room. Even if we believe that Schiller turned them away the once, what are the odds the girls were turned away the other five times? What are the odds that Trump would do the due diligence to resist while in Russia? He’d be told that they’re filming him, and he’d just go, “Oh, that’s a load of hooey!” And he’d do it. He’d ask those girls in, and he’d have sex with the youngest one just to prove that it’s just a wives tale about them filming all of the foreigners in the hotel.

But it ain’t.

There is almost certainly video of Trump having sex with some Russian 13, 14, or 15 year old. And if that exists, then they own him. He’ll walk out on a stage with Vladimir Putin and go against all of his own appointees to the Intelligence Community, all of his own appointees to the White House and the cabinet, and throw them all under the bus, and praise Putin for how strong and powerful he is.

You know as well as I that the only reason to believe that he didn’t do it or that they didn’t film it would be sheer coincidence, not that neither side would. Both sides totally would. But like I said, that’s a half dozen trips. Coincidentally both sides behave all six times? No chance.

That dude needs to be impeached. You cannot have a President who is so liable to be completely and irrevocably compromised by a number of nations. I mean, who knows what he has done in China, Thailand, Indonesia, Georgia, etc. Batumi in Georgia – it’s the prostitution capital of the country and a significant proportion of them are underaged and probably blonde.

Trump has five accused pedophiles among his circle – and he’s one of them. Jeffrey Epstein was convicted, George Nader has been convicted, there’s tape of Tevfik Arif (owner of Blackstone and developer of multiple Trump properties) talking about arranging underage models as prostitutes for business clients, and Alan Dershowitz – who now defends Trump daily, despite being an avowed lefty – liked to fly around with Epstein and there’s record of 3-4 different girls being with them on their flights. Trump has been accused of having sex with one of Epstein’s underage girls – the woman who made the accusation is said, by her lawyer, to have dropped the case after receiving threats (sound familiar?) – and one of Epstein’s accusers was recruited at Mar-A-Lago resort.

Again, it takes a certain effort to have money launderers compromise half of all of your property development partners. Likewise, you don’t end up pals with a bunch of sex fiends that don’t care how old their partners are, unless you’re comfortable with that.

If the video doesn’t exist, that’s the miracle. In the real world, it almost certainly does.

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A Likely History of Donald Trump & Vlad

Posted by publius2point0 on 2018/07/16

I’d like to present two small tangents before continuing to the main topic.

The First

A couple of years ago, I found an interesting entry on the Wikipedia, the Mitrokhin Archive. These are a set of documents that give a snapshot of the activities of the KGB, as detailed by one of their internal librarians who defected to the United Kingdom.

Obviously, in the West, we have some beliefs about what the KGB did or didn’t do. But anything the CIA or NSA might know is often going to be secret or supposition, of varying levels of confidence. You can never be 100% certain that your sources are working only for you.

So the Mitrokhin Archive is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in knowing what the KGB actually did do while they were still an active organization. It’s not supposition nor conspiracy theory, it’s documented papers from their own internal history. (Obviously, people within the KGB may have lied or drummed up their own accomplishments to be more than they were, but that would be true for any organization.)

So now the trivia that, particular, caught my eye were these lines in the section, Disinformation campaign against the United States:

  • Promotion of false John F. Kennedy assassination theories, using writer Mark Lane.
  • Forged letter from Lee Harvey Oswald to E. Howard Hunt, attempting to incriminate Hunt in the Kennedy assassination.
  • Spreading supposedly unconfirmed rumors that the FBI director J. Edgar Hoover was a homosexual.
  • Stirring up racial tensions in the United States by mailing bogus letters from the Ku Klux Klan, by placing an explosive package in “the Negro section of New York” (operation PANDORA), and by spreading conspiracy theories that Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination had been planned by the US government.
  • Fabrication of the story that the AIDS virus was manufactured by US scientists at the US Army research station at Fort Detrick. The story was spread by Russian-born biologist Jakob Segal.

Basically, the Russians seem to have been quite fond of creating and/or helping to spread conspiracy theories. If you think that JFK was killed by by some shadowy organization, that may be thanks to the dedicated efforts of the KGB.

Why did they do it? A popular idea would be that they were trying to sow discord within the country and weaken the government. Maybe true but, if so, they don’t seem to have been very successful at it. Everyone generally agreed that these were conspiracy theories and that it wasn’t worth spending much mental energy on. But maybe the Russians felt like they had to do something, even if they couldn’t succeed, and that was the limit of what they were able to get away with, without having their agents get snatched up.

Alternately, it may have simply been a good recruiting tool. Russia is also famous for inventing the term, the useful idiot. Once you have identified that someone is stupid enough to believe in your conspiracy theories, you have also identified by proxy that they are a person who can easily be manipulated into performing work for the KGB.

Reading about Lee Harvey Oswald, he seems clearly to have been in the “useful idiot” mold. Donald Trump’s man, Carter Page, also seems to be the same sort of person.

The Second

Despite having been just a little guy, I remember the late 80s and early 90s. I was fully aware of the Cold War, Reagan, Bush 1, the Iraq War 1, the Keating Five, the Savings & Loan Scandal, the anti-Japanese protests, and so on.

And one particular thing that I remember from that era was learning about Donald Trump.

My dad taught me about Donald Trump, and he invoked the man who would become our President to teach a lesson about finances. Specifically, my dad wanted me to know about the Ponzi scheme.

Now, many people who practice a Ponzi scheme will end skipping out of town and starting up a new Ponzi scheme somewhere else, or retire to the Caribbean. Many others will be caught by the police or the FBI.

Donald Trump, in that era, was famous first for being so brazen and obvious about running a Ponzi scheme – usually, you try to keep it on the down-low that you’re conning others. And then he was famous for bankrupting it – an eventuality that happens to no other fraudster.

Donald was famous as a failure, and that was no secret. He’s possibly the only man alive who was too incompetent to run a fraud successfully.

What Seems To or May Have Happened From There

It’s well recorded that by the 2000s, Donald Trump was blackballed by every major financial institution except Deutsche Bank. Following his first bankruptcy, he had raised more money and bankrupted again. On the whole, he had continued to be a failure at running a successful business and proved to be a bad investment (besides, also, the hassle of dealing with a heavily litigious business partner).

Deutsche Bank only supported him because while Trump was a business failure, he was on the other hand what I will call a “money producer”.

This is someone like, say, Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson was not a good businessman. He lived his entire life in extreme debt and, despite the riches that he pulled in, was completely successful at living beyond his means. But apparently there is a whole industry in banking, the private wealth division, that deals with problem children like these and they have discovered something: Some people can just generate money at will. Put them in debt and you’ve made them your slave for life. They’ll just put out a new album, write a book, do commercials in Japan, or whatever else and pay off the interest on their loan.

Michael Jackson was a genius. He instinctually had the ability to create hits. At the same time, he was a complete clown and idiot. His success is not a good metric of smarts or business sense, just of having a very particular genius that can be converted to cash when the man from the bank comes calling.

Donald Trump is a genius at self-promotion. He is a genius at finding more people to give him cash. He is many a business man’s favorite performer in the acting role of “Tough, Successful Businessman”.

I have personally sat in the meeting room of a successful businessman and, I can say that while there are cases of screaming matches and hellfire, your average interaction between a CEO and his employees is gentle and cooperative. At the most, a boss will use subtle cues that he is displeased or that there isn’t really a choice, but that will be delivered as politically and indirectly as possible, because losing employees and having to get new ones is a major task and not one you want to risk.

But, at the same time, that CEO may well be screaming in his head, “WHAT AN IDIOT!? WHY CAN’T YOU JUST DO THIS SIMPLE THING ON YOUR OWN WITHOUT ME HAVING TO LEAD YOU BY THE HAND!?” And, I imagine, that is where Donald Trump comes in. He is like Hugh Laurie’s House is for your average doctor – a wish fulfillment of being able to deal with all of the idiots and cowards in the world that you have to deal with in an insulting, unrestrained nature, and somehow be able to get away with it for real. The only difference being, Trump doesn’t seem to be willing to accept that he’s only playing a part and doesn’t have most of the requisite skills to run a business.

I read a few depositions of Donald Trump, before he was elected. In them, he describes how he runs his businesses. It becomes immediately clear – using, again, Donald Trump’s own descriptions of the internal workings of his business – that he runs the thing like a Ma & Pa pawn shop out in hicksville.

Child X will bring him some great deal, and Trump says, “Is it a good deal?” And child X will say, “It sure is a great deal, Pop! It sure is!” And Trump will just sign without reading, because he knows that child X worked hard and he believes in him.

And then Child Y will come in and tell him that everything’s messed up and the whole deal is in tatters, and Child Y knows exactly how to fix it, so Trump says, “You tell X to stop whatever he’s doing and you start from scratch. You do it right.” And Child Y goes and undoes everything X had done and starts over from the beginning.

And then the body guard will come in and say, “Child Y has messed everything over! I’ve got this great idea for how to do it right! Let me do it right, boss!” And Trump says, “Damn, that rascal Y! Sure thing, body guard, you go and knock everything down, throw it all away, start again and make me proud!”

Note, here, that we’re still talking about the same project. Trump accepted the deal without looking. He’s sent someone new in to take over and redo, without any knowledge of what’s going on or confirming that something’s actually wrong. He’s given the person carte blanche with no particular budget. You ask him for dates and he doesn’t know. You ask him if he saw any documentation or read anything and he will expressly state that he didn’t look at or read anything, he just knows that he should trust that person.

Trying to reconstruct how a lobby ended up being decorated will involve four or five different overseers, knocking each other in and out, in some order that may or may not be correct, depending on how much Trump can remember, and all of them seem to have thrown all of the previous work away, so that the end cost ends up being four or five times greater than it should have been.

And why the hell is the bodyguard decorating the lobby of your new mega-hotel????

It is no wonder that his businesses always seem to fail.

Now, again, this isn’t to say that Donald Trump does not have a certain genius. Having not read the Art of the Deal or his other books, I couldn’t say how much of the wisdom there might be the true wisdom of Donald Trump’s particular brand of genius. After all, self-promotion, negotiation, etc. are all real skills that will serve you well in business and Trump may well be amazing at those things. But self-promotion and negotiation are separate skills from, say, budgeting, risk management, and hiring wisely.

But it’s just as likely that there’s something to be said for paying someone to make you sound smart. Trump might throw out hundreds of bits of his personal wisdom every day and 80% of that could be obviously and pointedly stupid to even the most dim-witted fellow. So if you have an editor – someone paid to slog his way through the detritus – it’s not inconceivable that you’d get a book that has the 20% that wasn’t stupid.

Forest Gump, in real life, would just be some idiot and he would come across as “just some idiot”. If you have an editor willing to crop everything he ever did or said over the course of his entire life into just 2 or 3 hours, with an eye for turning him into some philosophical savant, then you’re going to succeed.


The thing is, the private wealth division of Deutsche Bank did not bankroll Trump’s current business empire. It helped him to get out of one hole, but it’s not the source of a multi-billion dollar real estate Ma & Pa shop.

And that’s a mystery, as the Washington Post recently noted (this seems to be the same text, despite being the Denver Post). It’s, perhaps, no surprise that Trump would switch from loans to cash-up-front for all of his businesses when no bank will loan to him. But then where did the cash come from? He was in debt and all indications are that he has and continuously will attempt to live beyond his means.

Let me back that assertion by pointing out that he plates his home in gold yet often refuses to pay the people he hires; he is documented as describing extreme waste in the development of his businesses locations; the total number of legal cases that he is involved in of his own volition must certainly weigh on his finances; it seems to be desperately important that he maintain the image of being filthy rich – going so far as to divorce any wife who starts looking too old; he steals from his charity to pay for parties and paintings; his business refused to pay a prize they’d offered – which case he settled using the money from his charity; he’s noted to hand out fake gold items to people and claim them as being the most expensive things ever made; despite being a “billionaire”, it seems to be worth his time to host daytime TV; and, notably, he refuses to publish his tax return.

I have no real doubts that Trump was doing anything but bleeding money, or ever has been doing otherwise, at any point in his career except 2005.

So how is he staying afloat and how did he buy so much stuff, in cash?

My Man Vlad

Today (July 16, 2018), Vladimir Putin said that it is laughable to think that he would have developed Trump as an asset. There are plenty of wealthy men in the world, hundreds of whom have traveled through Russia, and most of them were more likely to become President than Donald Trump.

And that’s true. Anyone who writes or says that Putin groomed and set up Trump to become President is drifting well into the conspiracy theory realm of L’affaire Russe.

Which, saying, I should point out that my sources are indictments, public testimony, public records, etc. To the extent that the information is in the public realm, I have based my opinions on what should be 1st and 2nd order sources. Obviously, speculation is involved. I do not know, for example, that Trump lives beyond his means, just that the facts of his life strongly suggest it. It’s the explanation that best fits the facts.

But, a man with a gift for self-promotion who is in constant debt? Well…that’s not nothing when you’re a spy. That’s better than generic wealthy man.

A spy loves an alcoholic, a man with deviant sexual desires (traditionally, a homosexual though these days stuff like this), a person with a gambling addiction, or a person with large debts. These are all wonderful ways to compromise and turn a mark. And remember, spies love their useful idiots.

And do you remember how Trump became most famous, politically, in the 8 years leading up to the election? A political conspiracy theory that asserted that the President of the United States, Barrack Obama, was actually born in Kenya.

Someone like Trump may not be the sort of person that you would develop and groom as your perfect Manchurian Candidate, but he is exactly the sort of person that Russia might use to spread propaganda, introduce their agents to the people in influential circles, etc. For the sort of access that Trump might give them, giving him the occasional loan would be pretty reasonable. Better yet, use his business as a money laundering front for Russian money and he’ll pay for himself. Just cash out and get away before Trump ruins the business after your money helps to build it.

Did that actually happen?

Where did his cash come from? Why was he a voice for conspiracy theories? Why the love for Russia? Why is it that his campaign manager is in jail for working as an agent of Russia? Why does Trump look like he just got finished playing the part of Ned Beatty in the Deliverance, after his private meeting with Putin.

If Vladimir Putin had control over the United States President, then using that control to send the US, EU, and China all into a trade war sounds pretty well exactly like awesomesauce with rainbow sprinkles. And Trump hasn’t offered any explanations for the attacks on the EU. The EU did not have any tariffs keeping American products out of the region. It was all even footing.

Again, all we can do is infer.

An interesting thing about Donald Trump is that he doesn’t use email. He doesn’t even, apparently, like to discuss anything over the phone. He’s very fond of in-person meetings where he gives directives, and there’s no record of the facts of the matter. This is probably part of why his businesses are so messed up, because it’s hard to keep things in order when everything happens verbally and most business decisions are made with only two people in the room.

As James Comey noted, once he started to look into Donald Trump he was strongly reminded of his days chasing the Italian Mafia. (Note: Trump was pals with a number of Mafioso back in the 90s.)

There’s a strong reason why the Mafia does business in this way – the Feds have wiretaps on everything. You don’t want to leave an electronic record that they can hoover up.

So can we prove that Trump is in bed with Russia? Quite possibly not, unless someone like Michael Cohen, Keith Schiller, or Paul Manafort flips – and then it will just be their word against Trump’s.

But if the key to knowing that someone is guilty is that they act guilty, then Trump is sooooo guilty. And you add in everything else that we know about his contacts, about Kushner’s four separate attempts “to set up a back channel with Russia” (I’d suggest that it doesn’t actually take four separate meetings to decide whether to use WhatsApp or LINE), the defense of Russia, attending some Russian college girl’s costume party to celebrate the inauguration, etc. it all starts to look like, yeeeeeaaaah, he’s probably been compromised by the Russians.

So How Did He Get There?

I think what I said before is probably the most likely. He went looking for funding, abroad. Both Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen seem to have had connections to Russians and Russian mafia (albeit, mostly in the Ukraine), so most likely he would have gotten into contact with one of those two groups first.

Now here, we’re talking about a man who ran a Ponzi scheme. He stole from a charity. He’s a criminal. Both Manafort and Cohen would have told their contacts that he was a criminal. If we’re kind, we might suggest that it took some time for him to find criminal compatriots, but more likely that was stop #1. Hell, maybe Trump suggested using his businesses to launder money, as his opening offer. Who knows. Maybe Michael Cohen.

And from there, he’s part of the Russian apparatus, where doing business and serving as the second arm of the Russian government and FSB are all the same thing.

The scheme goes like this:

The mafia team up with other corrupt partners to back a new Trump property – ideally in some location with low standards of documentation and many police willing to take a bribe. Russians agree to buy most of the units, allowing Trump to go find more buyers in the US, Canada, Britain, etc. because he can legitimately say, “I already have 80% of the building sold! You better get in quick!” Only, as he signs up more civilian buyers, the Russians sell their units to the new buyers before the building is even built. Congratulations, you have now laundered your money and Trump can play around like a real property developer.

And that’s it. Trump is back in business. Anytime he gets too far into the red, he does a new deal, and maybe the Russians give him another task: Spread this conspiracy theory about Barrack Obama, bring Miss Universe to Russia, ask your friend David Pecker to share some of his information with Russia, etc.

So 2016 comes around and Trump decides to run for President. Was this one of his tasks?


The Russians were backing Bernie Sanders. Until Trump won the Republican primaries, the current evidence is that they were spending all of their money and manpower on Bernie, not Trump. Most likely, Trump decided to run on his own.

Most likely, Trump ran as a joke candidate, thinking it was a good way to keep his name in the paper. People donate to the campaign, and you use that to promote yourself. Free promotion, great deal.

But then he won.

And Vlad…oh Vlad, he was so happy.

Probably Putin had never paid an ounce of attention to Trump at any time in the previous decade. Somewhere down in the echelons of the Russian Mafia and FSB, someone else was running Trump for whatever little missions they were running. But once Trump become a real contender, Putin would soon be notified that he was one of theirs. They have years and years of information on criminal financial transactions, orgies, and whatever all else on their boy Trump, and he’s three steps away from the White House.

Does Putin believe that Trump can or will become President? Of course not, the man is an idiot and a clown. But….

But, he would make a wonderful propaganda piece. He can lobby for change in the Republican party; soften them towards Russia, let the Crimea go, lower the sanctions.

That’s Trump’s task. Keep running for President. Tell everyone about how wonderful Russia is, tell them that nuclear war is the only outcome of the struggle over the Ukraine, and Russia wants to be their friends not their enemy. You won’t win, but you’ll earn your keep.

And then, it started to look like he might win.

Then Putin looked harder at his apparatus. The press was investigating Manafort! Some of his minions were doing a deal with Trump to give him opposition research! Trump’s lawyer is using their connections to try and build Trump Tower Moscow!


Putin called everyone back. No more dealing directly with Trump. Trump Tower Moscow is off. Don’t give Trump any information, just release it to WikiLeaks. Tell Trump to fire Manafort. We’ve been too sloppy, allowing ourselves to be seen, and he might actually become President. It could mean war if there’s too much evidence that we’ve been running him.

And personally, as the author of this article, I’m worried that it will be war.

What will Michael Pence do?

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